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About Home By Kelly & Co - An Interior Decorator With Exquisite Taste

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With an unwavering passion for transforming spaces into extraordinary havens of beauty and functionality, Home By Kelly & Co stands as a premier destination for those seeking exquisite interior design solutions in Greenwood and beyond. Led by a team of talented and visionary interior decorators, this renowned design firm has earned a stellar reputation for its remarkable ability to breathe life into any space, infusing it with charm, elegance, and individuality.

At Home By Kelly & Co, the guiding philosophy is simple: every space has a story waiting to be told. Understanding that each client possesses unique tastes, aspirations, and preferences, the team at Home By Kelly & Co works diligently to craft bespoke designs that perfectly capture their clients' vision. From residential projects to commercial ventures, they pride themselves on delivering exceptional results that exceed expectations, leaving clients awestruck with the transformation of their spaces.

The design process at Home By Kelly & Co is a collaborative journey, with the decorators actively engaging clients in every step along the way. By attentively listening to their clients' desires and meticulously analyzing the existing space, the team ensures that their design solutions seamlessly integrate practicality with aesthetics. From the initial consultation to the final installation, Home By Kelly & Co takes great care in understanding the client's lifestyle, functional needs, and personal style, guaranteeing a truly tailored and enchanting outcome.

Only the Best Will Do

As part of their commitment to sustainability and uniqueness, Home By Kelly & Co also offers an exclusive furniture consignment service. With a discerning eye for quality and craftsmanship, the team curates a carefully selected collection of pre-loved furniture pieces that exude character and charm. These pieces undergo meticulous evaluation to ensure their structural integrity and aesthetic appeal, enabling clients to acquire remarkable and sustainable furnishings that add personality and history to their interiors.

Home By Kelly & Co' comprehensive range of services extends beyond interior design and furniture consignment. Their expertise spans an array of design elements, including color consultations, space planning, custom furniture design, lighting solutions, window treatments, and more. With their in-depth knowledge of the latest design trends and their commitment to timeless elegance, the team seamlessly blends classic and contemporary styles to create captivating interiors that stand the test of time.

Beyond their technical expertise, Home By Kelly & Co takes great pride in their exceptional customer service. Their team of dedicated professionals ensures that each client's experience is enjoyable and stress-free, handling every detail with meticulous attention and care. From concept to completion, the decorators at Home By Kelly & Co diligently work to exceed expectations, consistently delivering designs that resonate with their clients on a profound level.

Whether transforming a cozy living room into an inviting sanctuary, revamping a commercial space to inspire creativity, or infusing a new home with warmth and character, Home By Kelly & Co possesses the skills and vision to make every design dream a reality. With their dedication to excellence, commitment to sustainability, and impeccable taste, Home By Kelly & Co stands at the forefront of interior design in Greenwood, leaving an indelible mark on the world of interior aesthetics. When you need an interior decorator in Greenwood, give them a call.

About Kelly of Home By Kelly & Co

Kelly Mathis-Hellenga spent more than a decade as a communications executive in the Film and TV industries. She served as Head of Talent Relations and Special Events for 20th Century Fox Television, the storied studio responsible for many of the industry's biggest and most award-winning series, including 24, Modern Family, Glee, New Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Homeland, Sons of Anarchy, The Simpsons and Family Guy. In this role, Mathis-Hellenga worked closely with the studio's Chairmen and other senior executives as the primary liaison between the studio's high-profile actors, producers, and all its business units - marketing, domestic production, international TV and syndication among them; oversaw the budgeting, planning and execution of a myriad of events from large-budget Emmy and Golden Globe parties to corporate retreats, intimate dinners and milestone celebrations. Contributed to public relations campaign art direction and brand marketing partnerships; facilitated studio talent and executive philanthropic involvement; and established the company's corporate gifting policies and aesthetics.

Prior to her tenure at 20th Century Fox TV, Mathis-Hellenga held Corporate Communication/ Publicity positions at Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox Film, and the national non-profit Step Up Women's Network, but began her career in New York focusing on fashion styling, advertising, and editorial creative direction.

"Kelly is quite literally the heart of the studio, without her it is all business. Her attention to detail, genuine thoughtfulness and impeccable taste made work events fun and became the main reason to say yes to attending", remarks Julie Bowen, Emmy award-winning star of Modern Family.

Mathis-Hellenga is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, with dual degrees in Marketing Communications and Photography.

After two decades away from home, Greenwood, SC. Kelly chose to bow out of her life in Hollywood to focus on raising her son, Waylon, among family and childhood friends. She now channels her professional and personal experiences, love of home décor, fashion, and creating on-trend inviting spaces into Home By Kelly & Co And by " Co." she means . . . Mama 'N Nem.

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