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Home Decor Services: The Right Decor Items & Eye For Design

When it comes to transforming your home into a space that reflects your unique style and personality, Home By Kelly & Co is your trusted partner. With a comprehensive range of home decor services, including furniture consignment, furniture painting, and access to talented interior designers, they offer everything you need to create a stunning and personalized living environment.

Furniture Consignment

When it comes to furniture consignment in Greenwood, Home By Kelly & Co stands out as the trusted choice. Our team of experts specializes in providing premier consignment services, offering a seamless and rewarding experience for both sellers and buyers. With our extensive selection of top-quality […]

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Furniture Painting

When it comes to furniture painting in Greenwood, Home By Kelly & Co stands as a trusted partner. Their team of skilled professionals specializes in providing exquisite furniture painting services, offering a seamless transformation of clients' furniture to match their interior design goals. With their expertise […]

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Interior Design

When it comes to creating spaces that inspire and captivate, a talented interior designer can be your greatest asset. At Home By Kelly & Co, their team of experienced designers is dedicated to guiding your home or business decor choices, helping you achieve a harmonious and […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Furniture consignment with Home By Kelly & Co is a simple and convenient process. You bring your gently used furniture to their showroom, where their team evaluates its condition, determines a fair price, and displays it for potential buyers. Once your furniture sells, you receive a percentage of the sale price. It's a hassle-free way to sell your furniture and discover unique pieces for your home.

Home By Kelly & Co's experienced team carefully evaluates each piece and determines a fair selling price based on factors such as its condition, brand, and market value. While you cannot directly set the price, you can trust that Home By Kelly & Co will price your furniture competitively to attract potential buyers and ensure a successful sale.

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